It was March of 2012 that at work, where we are in contact with many different children daily, we noticed a real love for water activities among all of the children participating but especially by Chloe, who was diagnosed with ASD.  At that time, the wheels started turning as we really closely watched the way the water brought out different abilities, responsiveness, communication, and expressions compared to the classroom environment. Water activities also helped her and her friends interact with each other with a common interest…WATER! At that time, Warren and Julie Clark whom were involved in the local surfing community and lifelong locals of Panama City Beach, FL were inspired to bring surfing activities to the children and families in Panama City Beach, FL affected by Autism and related needs. They spoke with Richard Weeks, Richard founded Autism Surfs in Fort Walton Beach, FL just one season before. Richard’s son, Christopher who had been diagnosed with ASD and is a Non Verbal.  Richard loves the beach and experienced communication on a level he hadn’t ever experienced with his son. Chris wanted on the board! The success of introducing children on the spectrum to surfing inspired the Clark family to start a similar organization in the Panama City region known as Autism Surfs PCB, Inc.