Help us make a difference!

We could never have enough volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering at an Autism Surfs PCB event, its very easy to do.  You can just show up at the day of the event or you can give us a heads up by filling out the form below. We really appreciate your interest in volunteering!  Help us make a difference!

Volunteers needed for the following:

  • 3+ more needed for Signing in children
  • 3+more needed for Arm Band/T-shirt Distribution
  • 2 + more needed for Volunteer Sign in
  • 2+ more needed for Water Distribution
  • 2+ needed for Breakfast Food Distribution
  • 2+ needed for Lunch Food Distribution
  • (A lot needed by 8:30a.m.)Unloading/Set up
  • (A lot needed by 1:30p.m.)Break Down/Clean up
  • 6+needed for Beach monitoring of safety zones
  • 20+ needed Water Helpers (Pushers-Receivers)